Where is your Windows desktop infrastructure hosted?

Ubikite’s turnkey solutions are agnostic to your infrastructure hosting preferences. We help you manage, monitor & optimize your Windows desktop infrastructure, on cloud & on premises alike.

Our solutions help accelerate your Windows desktop adoption by catering to your entire virtual desktop lifecycle –assessment to optimization delivered!


DaaS Manager

Manage, monitor & optimize your on-cloud desktop infrastructure – all from a single pane of glass called DaaS Manager

DaaS Manager puts your WVD journey on cruise control.

  • Enables your IT managers to deploy shared & personal Virtual Desktop Infrastructure instances in a few simple clicks
  • Visualizes your whole Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with real-time monitoring
  • Optimizes costs (TCO) of provisioning & managing the desktop infrastructure for remote & frontline workforce with our intelligent optimization tool
  • Provides unified access & control of all WVD & Office 365 resources, entirely from one single dashboard

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WaaS Manager

A solution that offers seamless security patches, updates and quality management without disrupting user experience, with intelligence relayed from cloud!

WaaS Manager helps you manage your on-prem desktop infrastructure.

  • Schedules Windows upgrades to ensure an unperturbed user experience
  • Deploys and monitoring new devices onto the network
  • Train resources on support skills to reduce downtime
  • Enable a cohesive lifecycle to ensure upgrades are foreseen, forecast & managed
  • Enable automated communication to users on patches & upgrades on their desktop infrastructure

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