DaaS Manager

What is DaaS Manager?

A cost-effective platform with readied features that allow full visibility & control over your virtual desktop infrastructure powered by WVD on Azure.

  • Fully equipped with cloud readiness for DaaS adoption
  • Unified interface to manage WVD & M365 workloads
  • Saves costs by enabling intelligent scaling & backup services
  • Ensures a seamless WVD adoption experience


Deploy WVD on your infrastructure with DaaS Manager, quickly &efficiently

  • Provision a new WVD environment effortlessly
  • Easy enablement of DaaS Manager on your existing WVD environment
  • Assess RDS workloads and migrate them to WVD

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Manage your entire WVD resources from a single interface on DaaS Manager

  • All WVD resources & activities captured on a single dashboard
  • Allows easy provisioning & managing of Windows 10 desktop resources
  • Ability to assign dedicated & shared virtual desktops alike
  • Allows app grouping & publishing on App groups based on your company’s line ofbusinesses

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Visualization, followed by real-time monitoring of your WVD resources,powered by DaaS Manager

  • Org-level visualization & monitoring ability of all your WVD resources &activities
  • Real-time visualization of user session activities & app usage trends
  • Monitoring & remediation of anomalous user sessions
  • Advanced reporting with 90 days of historical data on utilization

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Optimize your WVD resource utilization with the intelligent Autoscale feature& smart backups that allow quick & full recovery

  • Allows creating Autoscale policies for workgroups to regulate utilization
  • Enables regular backups to keep data crash-proof
  • Helps IT managers configure security requirements by leveraging Policy Manager
  • Manages desktop & OS updates efficiently for workgroups

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Advanced Security + Performance

Promotes faster issue detection & remediation resulting in a lesser time to recovery

Reduced Costs

Smart WVD setup processes to reduced setup time & intelligent Autoscale feature promotes reduced TCO spending

Easy Deployment & Management

No special skillset like PowerShell Scripts required to deploy & no specific ARM templates required to manage your WVD environment

Optimization Automated!

Scale up for peak usage times, and down for periods of reduced usage

Visualization & Real-Time Monitoring

Visualize the health & utilization of your WVD resources to enable real-time monitoring

Automatic Backups

To ensure that data is retained in ship shape in the wake of cyber breaches

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