It’s Official! Ubikite is Now Listed on Microsoft Azure Marketplace!

It’s Official! Ubikite is Now Listed on Microsoft Azure Marketplace!

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Ubikite is now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace! What does that mean? It means you can now discover & try Ubikite to see how you can transform the Windows Virtual Desktop experience in your organization!

Microsoft Azure Marketplace is a unified marketplace where all apps meant and developed for Azure are listed! Ubikite joins the bandwagon of Microsoft Azure Marketplace products now!

With this announcement, Ubikite is now made accessible for the entire Microsoft Partner community for deployment, integration with other apps/services and whatnot!

Windows Virtual Desktop is relatively new to the industry and there are only few solution providers out there who can help you fully leverage the WVD features to an optimal virtual desktop infrastructure management experience.

Team Ubikite is proud to have witnessed & contributed to Microsoft’s WVD engineering and development. With such rich & first-hand expertise on WVD, Ubikite is undoubtedly ahead of the curve in WVD space. Now being listed on Azure Marketplace is only going to pin us on the Microsoft map prominently!

Now what exactly can we avail being a part of Azure Marketplace?

  • We’ll be able to make WVD licensing easy & streamlined for our customers, thanks to Azure Marketplace!
  • We will not have access to Microsoft Sales teams and its partner community to pursue promising business opportunities
  • We will have a chance to be part of reputed, secured & widely engaged apps’ catalogue in the marketplace which in turn leads to app success
  • Opportunity to integrate with other services and solutions to culminate in an end-to-end marketplace from where all apps and services can be discovered, tried, bought & deployed easily.

How Ubikite simplifies & transforms the WVD experience?

Ubikite’s DaaS Manager offering essentially enables the management of remote desktop infrastructure for administrators from a single, comprehensive dashboard, helping them wave a goodbye to the old, painful ways of managing remote desktop infrastructure through PowerShell scripts.

Ubikite’s DaaS Manager is intuitive, intelligent and secure, thereby enabling a simplified & transformative WVD experience for users.

Try Ubikite to manage your WVD infrastructure in a few simple clicks!

Now that Ubikite is available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, it’s easier for you to try our solutions. A simple search in the Marketplace’s search bar will show Ubikite up.

You may as well connect with us at and sign up for a free trial!

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